Arachnoid Cyst:

This is a benign condition which can occur in children, and is usually a congenital or developmental condition.

Symptoms can be similar to brain tumours, i.e. raised intracranial pressure (headache, vomiting, delayed development)

Treatment is either insertion of a shunt to divert the cyst fluid to the abdomen, or surgery to fenestrate and drain the cyst, through an internal opening.

CT scan of a large middle fossa arachnoid cyst. The child had severe recurrent headaches.

CT scan showing a cysto-peritoneal shunt in the cyst. Size of the cyst is much smaller.

Pre-operative MRI scan showing cyst in temporal lobe.

Mini-craniotomy wound, to perform cyst fenestration, instead of shunt insertion.

Post-operative MRI scan one year later, showing substantial reduction in size of the cyst.

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